Three persons of a same family perished in a fire in Longueuil

Trois personnes d’une même famille périssent dans un incendie à Longueuil

LONGUEUIL — Three persons of a same family have perished in the fire of an apartment building in Longueuil. The victims are a couple in the forties and a woman in the sixties.

The flames have taken birth around 1: 15 Saturday morning in the building of dozens of housing units located on rue Toulouse.

Eleven people were injured and taken to hospital, some for treatment of injuries after having jumped from the balcony to escape the flames, according to what was confirmed by the agent Ghislain Vallieres of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL).

A tenant is still missing the call, but everything indicates that this individual was not at his home during the fire.

Three buses have been dispatched to the scene to maintain the tenants of the building warm, while the mercury had descended below minus 20 degrees Celsius during the night with the wind chill. Teams of the Red Cross were on hand to bring comfort and guide victims through the steps to follow.

The strong winds complicated the task considerably firefighters who were still a hundred to fight the blaze six hours later. The fire was finally extinguished at about 8: 30 in the morning.

The ice formed due to the large quantity of water used to fight the flames also made travel difficult, and even dangerous, according to what was stated by the agent Vallières. An important security perimeter, with trailers, has been established in this sector where there are multiple dwelling buildings of 35 to 40 doors. The perimeter was formed of streets, Toulouse, france, Périgny and Terrace Turcotte.

However, no spread of fire was possible between the buildings because of the large open spaces of parking lots that separate them.

Investigators of the SPAL were on the scene early this morning in order to pick up information on the part of the evacuees and first responders. They had to continue their investigation inside of the rubble once they have gained access to safe places, because the building structure was weakened by the flames and the weight of the ice.

No hypothesis was advanced to explain the cause of the fire.


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