The sales opportunities are raréfieront in China, plans to Carr

Les occasions d’affaires se raréfieront en Chine, prévoit Carr

OTTAWA — The federal government anticipates that the business opportunities are raréfieront in China because of the tensions between the two countries, has recognized the minister of the Diversification of international trade, Jim Carr, Sunday.

Despite the cold diplomatic present, Mr. Carr says it is confident that Canada and China would help resolve their dispute, thus allowing to boost trade between them.

He said, basing his confidence on the long and complicated trade relationship between Canada and China, which has continued despite a “difficult period”.

Ottawa and Beijing have glare since the arrest of a leader of the giant Huawei Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver, last month, following a u.s. application.

In retaliation, China arrested two Canadians, accusing them of threatening national security. Another Canadian has been sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

The procedures for the extradition of Ms. Meng to the United States must continue to Vancouver in march.


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