The RCMP puts the Canadians on guard against the many scams dating

La GRC met les Canadiens en garde contre les nombreuses arnaques amoureuses

OTTAWA – The royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) launches to Canadians a call to vigilance in their search for the soul mate in line so that they do not become victims of fraudsters.

The federal police reports that last year, about 760 people in Canada have reported losses over $ 22.5 million to the Canadian anti-fraud Centre, a monetary loss that far exceeds any other form of fraud delayed in Canada for the same period.

Among these victims, 245 were from Quebec, 275 Ontario and 32 of the three Maritime provinces.

Scammers create profiles attractive on dating sites or social networks known to lure their victims to an online relationship. Over time, they establish a relationship of trust with their victims before asking for money under various pretexts.

However, the RCMP says that more the confidence gained is great, the worst are the losses suffered by the majority of the victims.

With the approach of Valentine’s day, the RCMP issued the following recommendations: be wary when a person claims to live in the area, but is currently working abroad, as this may be a trap to ask for money later.

It is also advisable to take custody if the person refuses to chat in video or meet people in person, or cancels constantly of such appointment.

The fraudsters may also ask for a financial aid in an emergency situation, for example, for a member of their family that would be sick. It should, therefore, avoid to send money, no matter the reasons mentioned.


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