The double area for Farnham Ale & Lager

Le double de superficie pour Farnham Ale & Lager

Farnham Ale & Lager grew at speed large V. Five years after its appearance in the market for microbrewery beers, the company will soon occupy a building more to the same address — and will introduce new procedures, in addition to being more at the cutting edge of technology.

The microbrewery has always been a storefront at the same address, in a building that it rents to Fund development Farnham-Rainville, rue de Normandie. “It’s one of the things that has helped to keep the working capital fund, explains Hugues Ouellet, one of the partners. It was more in the phase of acquiring the building, except that, for the moment, we have other needs that you will not be able to fund if it acquires. “

The development Fund will invest in the building expansion with the addition of an area of 5500 square feet — at a cost of half a million dollars — to 6,000-square-foot current. The microbrewery, which has negotiated a new lease, is so cramped that it currently leases a warehouse of 2000 square feet in Farnham.

“It was in dire need of space, said Mr. Ouellet. That is, the square foot and cubic foot you need. Our warehouse in Farnham is always full. It is so full, that we don’t know what it was at the end. “

The expansion work will begin in the spring. Once the completed site, all activities will be repatriated on the rue de Normandie.

“Everything follows its course. Everything is going well, ” says Jean Gadoua, one of four partners of Farnham Ale & Lager. “We do the will hide not : it was very good and we had less good shots,” adds Mr. Ouellet..

To relieve the production

“Five years after, we realize that we stack on the feet, that it is not safe,” says Mr. Gadoua. There was no system established for the size of company that it is, therefore, one is to review it. In the past, there has been issues of quality, so we instituted new protocols, new methods to ensure that it does not happen again, that we are in control from the beginning until the end. “

The microbrewery currently produces between 10 000 and 11 000 hectoliters annually. It would have the capacity to produce 20 000, but it is too cramped. “The most urgent need is to reduce congestion and optimize the production as it is already. By optimizing, we cut on the cost of work because there is no double handling, it is not Tetris. Just that, if we do the same 10 000 or 11 000 hectolitres, it will be easier to do and the cost will be lower. After that, if you want to climb to 13 000, 14 000 or 15 000 hectolitres, you’re able to do it, ” says Mr. Gadoua.

Farnham Ale & Lager will also invest $ 500,000 to adapt and modernise its facilities, in addition to installing a system of inventory management and production in order to be able to make projections in terms of sales and production. The company is also working with various suppliers, in particular, to maximize the use of its premises and the products packaging.

The microbrewery, which currently employs 20 employees, expects to create five to eight jobs in the next two years.

Five years on the clock

The company, which celebrated its fifth anniversary last September, has come a long way. The first year, four the products of the classic series, that is to say, the 12, a hefeweizen, 27, a pilsner, 35, a bitter and 64, an american IPA, have been launched and are still available.

Five years later, twenty recipes are brewed each year, including a dozen that make up the portfolio of the company, and that the consumers are going to find throughout the year. Others are ephemeral, seasonal or brewed exclusively for shopping.

The products of Farnham Ale & Lager are sold or served to more than 2000 addresses to the four corners of Québec, including in restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels, sports centers, tourist attractions, convenience stores and grocery stores. Added to that is their presence in a score of festivals and events of all kinds.

In short, the business is successful and draws its pin from the play, while nearly 100 breweries have opened their doors during the last six years, explain the two partners. “We are proud,” says Gadoua. It must be, despite the ups and downs. This is to be an entrepreneur. It is still made there ! “

“Consumption does not increase that much,” says Dr. Ouellet. It is the turn for products that are more refined, which increases dramatically. “


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