The brain, this small piece of the human that is in control of everything

Le cerveau, ce petit morceau de l’humain qui contrôle tout

Students in the second cycle of the University Laval as awareness of neuroscience and brain behavior during the week of Brain.

Created by the Dana Alliance for Brain initiatives in 1993, Brain in head, has the objective to promote and popularize research in neuroscience among the general public. Very interested in the event now global, two students of université Laval have formed the committee on Brain Quebec in 2009.

Since many students in psychology, neuropsychology, neuroscience, neurobiology and medicine have joined the committee to give each year conferences and workshops for youth at the primary, secondary, and cegep.

The five senses in elementary school

Offered to students of the sixth year, the conference reported on the functioning of the five sense of a point of view neurological. This interactive workshop, punctuated by mini-experiments carried out by the students, allows them to understand what is happening in the human brain when we hear, feel, touch, see and taste.

“In the end, they can manipulate a brain of a sheep. We have all kinds of reactions, but in general, the students love it. They are asking a lot of questions. This is a small introduction so that they become aware that the brain is important,” pointed out one of the members of the committee, Marilyn Joyal.

The effect of the drugs on the secondary

During the conference, to secondary 3 students learn the effects of alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine, in order to allow them to understand why these substances cause a heady effect and how they can create a dependency.

“It also explains what is dependency and withdrawal. At that age, he begins to experience things. It is important that they know what it can cause, but it is not there to do the moral,” she insists.

Disorders at the cégep

The main topics are the social phobia, depression, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Students also learn what is the anatomy of the brain, communication between nerve cells, and factors of risk and protection in link with the mental health.

“In college, the anxiety disorders can develop. Mental illness is still stigmatized, so that it is a disease,” says dr. Joyal.

In addition to the Week Brain from 11 to 15 march, the committee also organizes the 23rd February workshop for girls and science for 15 year-old girls in order to interest them in science.

The committee also wishes to develop in the near future conferences for the general public.


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