“In the meantime”, a space of reflection

«Les entretemps», espace de réflexion

MATANE — Three emerging artists from the photography exhibit until march 23, the center Space F of Matane. Through about sixty works, Valerie Arsenault, Hubert Gaudreau and Morgane Clement-Gagnon present “in the meantime”. The exhibition proposes a reflection on the interval in photography, whether it be temporal, spatial, or imaginary.

“This is especially the spaces that are between the photographs that interested me in this concept of” in the meantime, ” explains the curator of Québec, Gentian France. In the intervals between the photographs, there are many different matches that can generate when photographs are put together. There are things happening between the photographs which would not have been able to happen if the photographs had not been together.”

Valérie Arsenault, Quebec, described his photographic work such as the removal of some of the photos of their intimate essence and personal in order to find a new correlation between the images. “In a set of photos, there is a torso and a cactus, gives it as an example. In the cactus, there are engravings. Among these photos, there is something that resounds, like an echo of something.”

The photos and video projections of Morgane Clement-Gagnon are made from a creation residency in Iceland. “I am very interested in the particular light of a place where there are four hours of sun per day, and the folklore of icelandic who wants there to be creatures who live in the landscape,” describes the ex-teacher of philosophy in the college originally from Quebec and now residing in Montreal.

In his photographic series, Hubert Gaudreau delves into the anxiety and anticipation that he felt when moving to Quebec in L’isle-Verte near Rivière-du-Loup. “The project has taken root in a end of the week a little chaotic,” he says. I was in the woods and I was doing images. One of my phobias, which is a bit irrational, is that of the cougar Is. It is, therefore, a metaphor of that kind of fear, an apprehension of a new territory that overwhelms me. My images are the transition from the city to the countryside.”


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