Hydro-Québec cut for seven million dollars of donations and sponsorships per year

Hydro-Québec coupe pour sept millions de $ de dons et commandites par année

MONTREAL — A review of the policy on donations and sponsorships Hydro-Québec sows the seeds of concern in the health community, education and sports, who will be deprived of financial support totalling $ 6.9 million per year.

According to what The Duty has learned, dozens of organizations have been informed in recent days that they will lose this funding. Foundation, hospital and university, colleges, secondary schools and sports federations will be deprived of these funds, which would, for example scholarships, purchase medical equipment or to the organization of events such as the Jeux du Québec.

Hydro-Québec will continue to provide donations and sponsorships of approximately $ 19 million per year, but has decided, after mature reflection, to re-orient its ” social commitment “. The Crown corporation will now provide priority to organizations dedicated to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, to the economic development of the regions – including chambers of commerce, festivals and cultural organizations – and the fight against poverty.

The new directive of social engagement, Hydro-Québec has not at all the objective of making savings, ensures Maxence Loonie-Lefebvre, a spokesperson for the Crown corporation.

According to The Duty, internal sources have indicated that this new way of doing business has given rise to lively debates within the corporation. Organizations receiving financial assistance for decades. In Hydro, some wanted to continue to support organizations that play a crucial role, particularly in health and education. Especially as the chambers of commerce remain among the recipients of donations from the corporation.


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