Dead Obies at the time of the questioning [VIDEO]

Dead Obies à l'heure des remises en question [VIDÉO]

They were six, now they are no more than five. But this is not all that has changed in Dead Obies between the concept “Gesamtkunstwerk” (2016) and “DEAD.”, we will arrive on 15 February. On her third album, the popular hip-hop group returns with priorities reaffirmed an interest in melodic, more refined, and a willingness to go out of his language encrypted.

As we join Greg Beaudin, aka Snail Kid, on his cell phone, the communication is cut off after a short time, just after the issue of the departure of Jean-François Ruel had been raised. The rapper recalled the Sun a few moments later : “Yeah, I really don’t seem to want to talk to J.-F.!” excuse laughing one who does esquivera no question.

Last spring, fans of Dead Obies have been surprised to see Ruel, Yes Mccan of his artist name, to go solo after being made known to the small screen : many have been those who have loved to hate Damien, the pimp, that he stood in .. His comrades of music also have received a shock, confirms Greg Beaudin.

“It is always hard to see coming,” he observes. But there were plenty of warning signs. He needed to be alone, to think about what he wanted to do. It is sure that it will effect his involvement in the group. It lasted a few months where he had it at the back of the head. It seemed to be on his inspiration and the songs. We were already working on the third album when we announced it. He was pretty absent on these songs.”

From a personal point of view, the guys Dead Obies are long-time friends and the break went well “under the circumstances,” evokes Sanchez. Professionally, it was more complex.

“We had never released songs not to six, he noted. It was coming we look for more in what the band represents to us to the base. It has brought us to the question : “if we remove a member, is that it is still Dead Obies?””

Dead Obies à l'heure des remises en question [VIDÉO]

While the group Dead Obies has often found itself at the center of debates language because of its use of franglais, his new compositions are much less enigmatic than those engraved on his previous albums.


Reflection on the language

With a third album ready to see the light of day, the answer was obviously yes. But this conclusion is arrived at the end of many discussions for the members of the group, who have reached thirty or who are on the point of doing so.

“These are issues that he would have had to arise even if Mccan had remained. We were made to wonder : what is-what it is, basically, Dead Obies? Until that time, we had released music in a rather natural way. We never had any identity issues, you don’t ask what we wanted to say,” says Snail Kid, who shares the banner Dead Obies with rappers 20SOME Ogee Rodman, Joe Rocca and the beatmaker VNCE CARTER.

Their reflection on the language, in particular, is well audible on DEAD. While the band has often been at the centre of debates language because of its use of franglais, his compositions unfold in a manner much less enigmatic than those engraven on the previous album Montréal $ud , and Gesamtkunstwerk. According to Greg Beaudin, it is to his accomplices and to him of a natural evolution… nourished a desire to see their writing work to miss the target.

“With time, there are several moments that have been significant for us,” he says. We realized that there is a large percentage of the people who listen to us, who love what we do, but who understand absolutely nothing of what you said. We spend a lot of time to write and it is all the time a little shocking to say : “OK, you like what I do, but you have no idea of what I’m saying?””

This sense of frustration has been strengthened during trips overseas, ” says Greg Beaudin. “It is tanned to go to France and be told by the French : “you, you are more for the atmosphere… The words, we don’t care!” No, this is not really it!”

Result : without distorting its language and its expressions, Dead Obies have refined a little. The guys can always mix the English and the French, but perhaps a little less frenetic, allowing it to flow more long segments in a language or the other, for example.

“We really had a desire to be understood, confirms Beaudin. It influences our choices. It will sometimes take away from the words for the better. You can change a word when one realizes that it is useless to put it as coded…”


The desire of melodies and choruses developed on the previous album, is reaffirmed on DEAD., where the song meets more than ever, the rap. “I think it is in the air. Most of the rappers that I know there are increasingly at risk,” says Snail Kid. And the group continues to cultivate a taste for contrasts, between a title of coolness as the extract André and parts more sweet, or even romantic.


“We had a big selection through sixty songs. We kept in which, according to us, represented us the most,” says Greg Beaudin, who says not to bring judgement on any culture. “We’re going to do what you love, does it It is not because you released a song as André , which is more rough as we are going to find that the wolves howl to a song about love or things that make us feel a little more vulnerable and a little less the King of the world. Both have their value…”

Dead Obies will take the road to the end of February. Stopovers are planned in Chicoutimi, February 28, (Bistro Café Summum), to Quebec on the 1st of march (Imperial), in Trois-Rivières on march 15 (Amphitheatre Cogeco), in Gatineau, march 16 (Minotaur) and Sherbrooke on 29 march (Granada Theater). All the dates in


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