A shortage of nurses in Charlevoix: McCann must act, calls for the FIQ

Pénurie d’infirmières dans Charlevoix: McCann doit agir, réclame la FIQ

The FIQ has claimed Monday for the intervention of the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, to act to counter the shortage of nurses in the Charlevoix region.

According to the union, the options “at no cost” have been “exhausted” to counter this lack of nursing staff which affect the region for several years, leading to a rise in mandatory overtime.

In a statement released Monday, the president of the Syndicat des professionnelles en soins de la Capitale-Nationale (FIQ-SPSCN), Patricia Lajoie, explains that “locally, the leaders have stepped up efforts in recent years to recruit healthcare professionals”, and that “our members are listed in good faith in the search for solutions, but in vain.”

According to the FIQ-SPSCN, compulsory overtime are more frequent. On 203 grievances filed on this topic CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, 165 from the Charlevoix region. Stretched to the maximum, the elastic band would be “on the verge of farting,” laments there.

The union said attend to a neglect of the profession. He wants to evidence the cancellation of the next cohort of nursing at the Cegep of La Malbaie, a reality that is affecting other cegeps regional.

At the present time, it would be 25 nurses full-time, which represents 3750 hours of care per month. “It is huge, and these hours fall on the shoulders of 360 healthcare professionals in Charlevoix who are already working full-time,” said vice-president of the FIQ-SPSCN, Pierre-Olivier Bradet.

The union requests that the minister McCann “to help the Charlevoix region to ensure the continuity of care to the population and the health professionals who work there”. In particular, it proposes to put in place a prime attraction-retention and to allow, through financial support, “substantial”, with nursing assistants in the region to the gateway DEP-DEC to become nurses to fill the vacancies.

The law firm of Danielle McCann, it indicates that the minister of Health “has asked the office of his deputy minister to send support in human resources to strengthen recruitment efforts” in Charlevoix.

About wider issues of mandatory overtime, it reiterates to be waiting for the end of the pilot projects, “that we are going to analyze and compile for that by the end of 2019, we are reducing the use of mandatory overtime,” which the government Legault still intends to abolish.


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